Hypnotherapy, NLP & Life Coaching

Make profound changes, achieve personal goals & reach your true potential, within every aspect of your life.

Optimum health and vitality is dependant on a healthy mind.

Wendy PurdeyWendy Purdey’s work concentrates on the unresolved feelings associated with ones early developmental years, which often manifest in our present lives as addictive and habitual thought patterns, compulsive behaviour, relationship difficulties, anxiety & neurosis.

Wendy utilises a combination of hypnotherapy & NLP to¬†create “an opening”, enabling us to see past our own mindset, in order to understand and accept all of the different aspects of ourselves at a deeper level.

Bring long-term relief and effective change – experience this gentle, safe and non-confrontational approach to mind-body healing.

The word Metanoia is derived from the Greek metanoein, literally “to change one’s mind or purpose,” from meta “changed, altered” + noein “to have mental perception”.